The Pittsburgh Scholar House exists to partner with single parents on the path to earning two-year and four year-degrees to build generational prosperity while fostering high quality early learning outcomes for their children.

This two-generational (2GEN) approach is designed to create empowered partnerships with highly motivated, single parents facing economic insecurity as they pursue post-secondary education. Single parents with bachelor’s degrees are three times less likely to live in economic uncertainty than single parents with only high school diplomas. Children who grow up in households with college educated parents experience greater levels of positive familial interactions and positive intellectual development.

The Pittsburgh Scholar House believes this can and should be a reality for all Pittsburgh families. Our program is built on an evidence-based model which cultivates social capital, champions higher education and early learning access, improves equitable health outcomes to foster economic mobility and social well-being that will continue from generation to the next.


Single mothers with bachelor’s degrees earn 62% more than single mothers without a degree.

67% of children with parents who have less than a college degree experience childhood poverty and the adverse impacts of low-income status.

This statistic is reduced to 31% when at least one parent earns a college degree.


The Pittsburgh Scholar House Can Provide the Support You Need to Make Your Goals a Reality.

Working with families to build generational prosperity is a multidimensional effort and requires targeted strategies that are designed to foster economic empowerment, family enrichment and academic stewardship. The Pittsburgh Scholar House partners with families to ensure they are fully equipped to take charge of their own economic destinies.

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